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Claire Cepukas is a graduate of the University of Ottawa Bachelor of Fine Arts program. She draws motivation for her large scale paintings from her many years living and working remotely as a silviculturist in Northern Alberta and British Columbia. Her enthusiasm for the outdoors is mirrored in her art with the use of vibrant colour, dynamic lines and bold shapes. 


“I focus on the juxtaposition of complexity and simplicity through linear character and the shapes and forms naturally created around us. Although I am still interpreting the natural world, I am reassigning the common focal point of the landscape to the under-appreciated forms and lines that are at its foundation. 


I spend most days studying and appreciating the small details in forests, and although my use of colour may not realistically portray our natural world, I feel that it represents the vivifying effect nature can have on one’s self. 


I work with varying sizes of colour blocks to map out dominant shapes in my source imagery. While I enjoy experimenting with different sized canvases, I prefer working in a larger scale in hopes to further immerse the viewer in my environments, just as I am immersed physically and emotionally in Canada’s environments.”


Claire has also began to explore alternatives to painting because of her nomadic tendencies. Sketching still-lives based on her cross Canada travels is one of her newest explorations. Working in this smaller format has led her to experimentations with coloured paper as well. She has found this medium allows her to continue her love of crisp lines, colour blocking, and textural qualities whilst minimizing the need for a larger work area.